Haas Kowert Tice: the new record "you got this" is done!

It's been a long haul of writing, planning, recording, mixing, mastering, and design approvals, and it's all done.  Now all that remains is getting a car and picking up our first copies.  Not sure yet when they'll be available.

We couldn't think of a band name that didn't make us all squirm, and we weren't utterly convinced we needed one, so we're now known as "Haas Kowert Tice."  "you got this" is a phrase that Jordan has been known to offer up during many a time of trial, which the period of finding an album name qualifies as. 

Dave Sinko recorded the album, which rules.  Check out his damn allmusic.com credits page, even though it's definitely not complete.  The guy is working all the time.  Also, anyone who comes to a Punch Brothers show can hear him giving his all to make the music sound incredible, every night.  He's an inspiration.

We recorded at Rotary Records in West Springfield, MA.  It was the perfect place for us.  We were able to get the microphones a little further from the bowed instruments by recording in the large room they have there, and stayed in the apartment below the studio, which afforded us more time to work on the record.  We went out one night during the 7 days of tracking, all the rest of which were 15 hour days.  Civil, but intense.

Tomek Miernowski mixed it.  We worked with him at his home studio in Greenpoint.  I sort of grew up with Tomek in Madison, WI, and it was great to work with him on this 10 years after we played local gigs together at Madison bars and restaurants.  He has a great spirit and knowledge about sound.

I wrote a little bit about Michael George already.  Jacob Hernandez did the design and did a marvelous job.  We're very happy that our album looks good.

HaasKowertTice.com is expected to be up and running before too long, and I'll reserve most future writing about the group for that site.