We, Hawktail, are finishing up our album.  For those of you who are in the loop, you know it's been a long time coming.  Well, I'm very happy with it, and I can't wait to release it.  I'm itching to play more shows with the band, which will happen again starting in April.  

The story of Hawktail has had many chapters, starting with Haas Kowert Tice in 2013, releasing "You Got This" in '14, moving to Nashville at the end of that year, working on our new music and recording it in several different places, doing a residency at the Station Inn in Nashville every month for awhile with a different guest each night (Nat Smith, Sam Bush, Adam Hurt, Roy Wooten, Rachel and Matt Combs... what a blast that was!  I'd like to continue that residency), and eventually being lucky enough to bring mandolinist Dominick Leslie into the band to create Hawktail.  

I'm writing from Los Angeles where Punch Brothers are about to record our next album.  It's going well. 

I've also been working on some other instrumental music. 

Till next time,